CABLECO Approaches to Going Green


CABLECO Approaches to Going Green

-  Continuous improvement of product to achieve eco-friendly products keeps both environmental and human safety in mind at a minimum, so we produce new non- toxic cables and wires with special compounds (low smoke and zero halogen) and producing solar cables which are green products and non-toxic products do not affect the ecosystem.

-   Achieving better public relations, any time we add a green initiative to our workplace, we can use the event to generate positive public relations. Promote our environmental contributions to the public through marketing to earn the attention of potential customers and possible new sales. Include our green initiatives on product packaging, advertisements and marketing materials to appeal to consumers who prefer green products.

- Become eco-friendly includes recycling process in which used materials are reused by producing raw materials which "made from recycled materials” which contain metal or plastic recycled from waste products and made into something new and useful for other companies and reduces the amount of energy needed to produce replacement products.

-  Leads to think green; when we order company supplies, equipment or services for our company such as when we purchase appliances we look for the Energy Star logo. These appliances can lower our energy bills. Other supplies and equipment we can use around the factory include LED lights, which use less energy and last longer and such as wooden drums for packaging are supplied from eco-friendly supplier.

-  Eliminate the use of paper which used in all company activities or send correspondence to customers and suppliers, to print reports and create customers or suppliers files. Minimize the amount of paper it uses by investing in a digital file management program such as ERP systems Convert our current files to portable document files and upload them to our ERP system program. These programs allow users to access and share their files anywhere they have an Internet connection and Send faxes from computer using email. We aid the environment when reduce the trash which goes into landfills to reduce their carbon footprints and by using the recycled paper and refillable ink and toner cartridges, which use less energy and last longer.

-  Cost reductions in energy savings gained by going green and implementation of energy-saving measures; significantly reduce their utility costs by using technologies that are energy efficient and less wasteful and we use less electricity. For example Replace the fluorescent bulb to Next-generation LED bulbs save even more energy and have longer lifespans.

-  Obligation of employee in environmental awareness identified as one of the greatest benefits of going green. It is imperative to engage and consult with employees before starting and during the development and implementation phase of an environmental program. Employees also have a better understanding of the areas where savings can occur and of small improvements that have the potential to make a big difference, employees excited about being able to provide suggestions for the environmental program. It will also he give us the best ideas related to reducing the company’s overall environmental impact and increase social responsibility of employees by involving them  in local community.

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