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We have pleasure to introduce our company as follows:-

We National Cable & Wire Mfg.Co. (CABLECO) is a public share holding co. with a working capital of JD. 20 MILLION . It has two sites: the administration offices which are in the capital Amman & the factory which is in Zarqa. CABLECO's total employee's are about 300 persons.

    We started manufacturing since 1985 and we are producers of all types of low Tension Cables & Wires, Insulated with PVC (Anti Termite, Heat Resistant, LSF-PVC) or XLPE or PE or Rubber (EPR) or (XLLSHF, LSHF HALOGEN FREE). Telephone Cables, Co-axial Cables, Computer Cables, Lan data Cables, instrumentation Cables, O.H. Transmission Lines & ABC Cables (Twisted Cables).

   Our products are in accordance with BS, VDE & IEC specifications. Our factory is equipped with a quality control center to test all products accordingly.

We produce the following types:-


Single Wires and Flat & Flexible Cables.


Armoured and Non Armoured Power Cables, PVC or XLPE Insulated Cables, PVC/PVC, XLPE/PVC,PVC/SWA or AWA/PVC, XLPE/SWA or AWA/PVC, Sizes single cores upto 800 SQMM, & multi cores upto 4x400 SQMM.


Armoured and non Armoured Control Cables.


Fire Resistant & Flame Retardant Cables.


Overhead Transmission Lines AAC,AAAC,ACSR.


Tel. Cables 0.5,0.6,0.8,0.9 & 1 MM Diameter & self supported Aerial Cables, PVC or PE Insulated.


Telemetry Cables (Instrumentation Cables) Indiv. Or Overall Screening, Copper Or Tinned Copper Cond.


Submersible Cables, Copper Or Tinned Copper or Tinned Copper Cond. Insulated with Synthetic Rubber (EPR).


Co-Axial cables, Audio, Video Cables.


Computer Cables and LAN DATA Cables.


ABC Cables (Twisted Cables) XLPE or PE or PVC Insulated.

CABLECO cables are manufactured in a modern plant, equipped with the most up to date production lines& facilites, designed to produce products which meet the needs of the Jordanian & International markets.

    ALL testing equipments are calibrated acc. To international standards, to ensure high quality which meets & exceeds the Jordanian standards & all recognized international standards & quality control is strictly maintained through out all the manufacturing process starting from the raw material upto the finished product.

    In 1996, the company achieved registration to ISO 9002:1994 then in 2003 the company achieved registration to ISO 9001:2000 and in 2009 the company achieved  registration to ISO 9001:2008, ( in advance the company achieved Jordanian quality mark ). therefore, the company will keep its effort to maintain the level of quality it has achieved so far. Thus CABLECO's quality policy is reviewed annually & new directions concerning quality are reflected in this policy & its implementation.


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Eng.Khaled Said


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